(white nights)

poly-genre film


qwqwi & Bridy & Keule

54 min - HD



N58° 22′ 49″ E21° 51′ 26″
On the small island live many sheep. A few of them go their own way, these are the savages.
Some people live there too. They brought their cars when the ice was thick enough that you could go over.

N59° 25' 48.263″ E24° 43' 17.4″
The factory used to produce little plastic animals. Now it is rotten.
Artists from all over the world live and work there.

N52° 45' 12.751″ E13° 38' 9.575″
The lake is located in the forest. The abandoned bungalows are decorated with colorful flags.
Many people from the big city have come to this place.

N59° 5' 50.68″ E25° 14' 23.316″
A stuffed Jaguar hisses and a porcelain octopus is lolling around the chandelier.
In the renovated squire house stay very fine people.

valged ööd is a poly-genre film about places where people listen to music.